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denied the u.s. consulate in benghazi. the question remains, and why does the administration continue to carry out a political cover-up of the terrorist attack that results in the deaths of u.s. ambassador, christopher stevens and three other americans. in washington, it seems that many americans believe that every bureaucracy and agency in washington is either politicized , incapable, or simply dysfunctional, the result is rising distrust of the government. today, the numbers in our government labored upon the report created suspicion, uncertainty, and a new dimension of mistrust. weekly jobless claims came in with low expectations the president once again asserting that the tax code is designed. in other words from the man was shot in the head and neck if he commuted to work in yemen. we will have the latest developments tonight. the latest in a series of incredible statements by stephanie cutter. touching on the tragedy in benghazi. carter's rationale for why the murder of our ambassador and three other americans has become the subject. >> in terms of the politicization of this, we
and those requests were denied. reporter: also the head of the u.s. special forces team in libya. >> all the forces are telling headquarters at the state department that we need this. and the answer kept coming back out? >> you need to do it less. for what reasons, i don't know. >> the fbi was just there a week ago. we need to learn about information. reporter: the official is undersecretary of state for management, patrick kennedy, who has been in his post since 2007. fox news has learned that on this evening of september 12, kennedy privately briefed senate staffers and told them that benghazi appeared to be a high sophisticated attack. kennedy indicated that this was fairly complex and not like a protest that have gotten out of hand. >> we don't see at this point signs that this was a coordinated plan, premeditated attack. >> .divergent narrative was offered four days later, not for another three days that a senior u.s. official state publicly what undersecretary kennedy had told congress privately. >> they were killed in thh course of a terrorist attack on the embassy. >> there was a
station chief, despite the statements from u.s. officials in libya and the libyan government statement from the very beginning that it was a terrorist attack. here is jay carney. >> i will tell you, based on the information, our initial information, and that includes all information, we saw no evidence to back up claims by others that this was a preplanned were premeditated attack. but we saw evidence that it was sparked by the reaction to this video. lou: concrete evidence. well, the secretary of state hillary clinton returned to the public eye and one parent principal purpose. the secretary defended the administration, despite all of the evidence against it are the choices it made and the charges that they did not act to stop the murders of four americans. secretary clinton tried to dismiss those e-mails as credible evidence. we will hear her statement shortly. the obama administration has yet to find a possible reason for its refusal to communicate to the american people and explain the words and actions or inaction's when it mattered most. tonight, it appears that four americans ar
. >> how secure was the u.s. consulate in benghazi before the attacks on 9/11? top republicans on the house oversight committee in a letter to secretary of state hillary clinton shows the security was unstable and unraveling and plead for help rejected. santa made repeated requests increase security and were denied by officials in washington. >> we saw a pattern making us question whether there was ever enough security and whether they heeded the warnings. >> committee chairman darrell issa is drawing attention for june 11. >> the most disturbing was of absolute attempt to assassinate the british ambassador that could have succeeded and obviously cast real questions on whether our ambassador was properly protected. >> estates spokesperson said they would respond to the oversight committee today adding. >> saying we are still working through what we have in the building in terms of documentation and information about what we knew, who knew what, when they knew it. >> these letters appear to have had similar allegations so the state department refused to get involved in the feud between bloom
planningn anti-muslim internet video to blame the u.s. intelligence community an had been trying to blame republicans for cutting security funding for the state department. all of this has quickly become a very difficult defense indeed for the obama white house. there'll ice revealing the state department has no shge of money to bolster security whenet chose to do so. the congressman says the state department has in fact $2.2 billion in fund allocated to upgrade security at embassies and consulates around the world. he claims the state department funds haven'tbeen spent for political reasons. >> 2.2 billion in discretionary reprogrammable money that wasn't used. the fact is they are making the decision not to put security in because they d't want the presencef security. diplomatic place because they wanted to be iisible. lou: despitethe fact congssman issa made his comments yesterday on "face the nation," when asked to comment on his assertion earlier today, the state department wasn't prepared. a spokperson would not answer. telling fox news "i will take this question, i will take it and
of cost. the plan was mistakenly released in a draft email. new data from the census bureau shows the u.s. owes foreign government more than 5.4 trillion dollars. that breaks down by household to more than $47,000 from when obama's took office. the debt to china alone is the 1/5 and comes to $10,000 per household. pony up. joining me now john soviet. -- sylvia up. the sell-off was nasty. >> i was intrigued by the list of companies including manufacturing companies. when the economy looks like it is slowing down manufacturing takes the hit. what we will see list of a 2% growth is more like a 1.5. >> as a look at the market but it was a mixed in asia performance. europe said we are letting go just like the orderly process what is going on? >> be other countries cannot pay their debt it out have of bail-out with the defense with the austrians to give you extra money. there is the realization it is not working and they don't have a plan. lou: as we say we're is timothy geithner? why isn't there coordination with the powerful unions that has grown up? why isn't he working publicly a2 reassure?
recovery in the u.s. we barely kept up with population growth. if the participation rate had not fallen as sharply as we had, unemployment would still be in 12% range. a lot of people out there working, are working but part time instead of full time look they would like. it cannot continue this way very long. this is a tragic is, if you worry about people in the storm you do, you have to worry about theme without jobs for last 4 or 5 years, who lost ability to ever get back in the labor force, it is a tragic loss of a press our natural -- precious natural resource, i am at odds with what should be done. lou: we're all sfrufl frustratey that. very few people talk about this that is. we have seen whites staying the same in unemployment. but the blacks and hispanics, their ratio have risen over the so-called recovery. what are we going to do here? this president should have been focused you would think, you would thinky this would on focused on black unemployment. >> you know, and jack kemp, and ronald reagan, i did work with them, this is a natural for putting enterprise zones in inner-c
trade issues with china. the u.s. trade deficit with china, by the way, is now $203 billion from january through august of this year. and, of course, debt was an issue that did come up in this week's debate. >> we lose sales, and manufacturers here in the u.s. making the same products can't compete. china has been a currency manipulator for years and years and years, and the president has a regular opportunity to label them as a currency manipulator but refuses to do so. lou: governor romney says he will label china a currency manipulator his first day in office. here now to discuss u.s. foreign policy and trade policy with china and other challenges, of course, gordon chang, author of the book "the coming collapse of china." also with us, walid phares, foreign policy senior adviser to governor romney, also a fox news middle east and terrorismm3 expert, author of the book "the coming revolution: struggle for freedom in the middle east. good to have you with us. walid, let's do this first. do you expect monday that the american people will get any answers from this president about what ha
who convicted the blind shaken former u.s. ambassador to the united nations, fox is contributor john bolton. good to have you both here. first, your reaction and if i may turn to you first, the idea that 60 minutes released that video on the 19th of october, the interview on the 12th. talk about burying the lead. what is your reaction to this shocking development? >> not only burying the lead, but every day for five weeks after that. in the debate claim, you know, make extravagant claims about what they knew and how they knew %-benghazi incident occurred. we have susan rice, all those talk shows. we have day after day f a national debate over whether this was caused, whether the atrocity that happened in benghazi was the fault of some talk of a movie or a preplanned terrorist attack, but they would sit on it day after day after day knowing the steak sauce is just shocking. lou: there is so much about this. the questions have continued to rise, and there will be many. but today the defense secretary pronouncing that the basic principles you don't deploy forces into harm's way when re
in the middle east tells fox that the u.s. consulate in benghazi had to be classified as a, quote, "critical threat, terrorism, or civil unrest posting," and what fall follows the classification are specific security requirements including reenforced windows and doors. grading is only acceptable for the ambassador residents and not where official business is done. as for the perimeter security, walls have to be three meters in height and buildings set back 100 feet. the enhanced security is designedded to create an hour of safety or golden hour when class fied documents can be burned and emergency evacuation called in. we have asked the state department tonight whether the consulate met the security requirements, and if not, if approved, the state department spokeswoman said they had nothing to add until their own internal investigation is complete, lou. lou: thank you. outstanding reporting throughout. >> thank you. lou: on this story. is there anyone in the nation's capitol now ready to call this an outright cover up by this administration? >> i think what we're starting to see play out no
it on tv to with u.s. taxpayer dollars, they were serious mistakes we're paying the price for, it was because after that view she they thought their intelligence, what they wanted it to be not what it was. reporter: this statement issued friday, this is nation's top intelligence officer, congressman rogerred say he felt it may matters worse. >> parts of the problem is this circling of the wagons that is really concerning about this. americans need continued to the truth. and the togethers are what the facts are, and the intelligence is what it is, we have to avoid this notion of any political convenience of any political interpretation we're we'll maker isious mistakes. reporter: fox news has confirmed there is intelligence, evidence shows that former guantanamo bay detainee ben -- cumo trained some of the operatives. and planning took several days in benghazi and there is evidence to so such, the administration, argues or defers to fbi investigation in what we reported today is that for 20 days fbi has not been on the ground in benghazi, so does not have a complete picture of
some read the cops. lou: why would they declined security for the u.s. ambassador? to these people remember we just launched hostilities eight months ago? >> that is the key. if the blame game starts and has i was there during watergate and in the pentagon during iran-contra. now they blame the state department, intelligence community then you will see the whistle-blowers coming out of the woodwork career diplomats, intelligence officers with connections you will see the drip drip drip every week ultimately there will be hearings with a political crisis. lou: hearings have produced effectively nothing. we have to rise above the level of u.s. senators and congressmen sending letters with the action taken there has to be a higher level of energy and oversight of the senate if the country will be served at all. lou: watch secretary clinton. she should have been out there is 70 when ambassador. of that was hurt issue she was at her house in washington she could have gone in she didn't. i think she knew there was a problem what she does next will be important. lou: why was axelrod talki
from some indicated is getting worse. security remain weak. in april, there was only one u.s. diplomatic security agents stationed there. we also struggled to obtain additional personnel. but we were never able to obtain the numbers we were comfortable with. lou: all of this will be analyzed and checked by our experts tonight. the latest from the campaign trail that is winding its way quickly to election day. congressman ryan's big night, the vice president as well, with us tonight is senator ron johnson, strong supporter of wisconsinite, it is all unfolding the way that the producer blockbuster of 2016. dinesh d'souza with us. affirmative action, back before the supreme court. the high court heard arguments today as to whether we can be a colorblind society. shannon bream was there. we will have the report for us coming out. the administration isn't reeling. a president seemingly off-balance. governor romney has taken a slight overall lead in national polls and the president seems to be criticized almost as vigorously by his friends is by governor romney. now we learn the de
of state hillary clinton out on the lam. joining us to a former u.s. ambassador to the united nations, fox is contributor john bolton. ambassador, let's go first to the idea that when jay carney was trying to create some buffer, some comfort cause some zone by saying that vice-president biden was only referring to himself and the presidt of the united states when he said that he knew of no such request. your reaction? >> well, i cannot believe that. that is why there is a national security council staff at the going on at the state department at the defense department, to make sure that the critical issues are brought to the president's attention. this was obviously a very high-risk posed and, indeed, it was opposed where al qaeda killed our ambassador. the entire national security staff to list? biggest if so and his comments seemed to indicate that the maid is the state department's responsibility alone, want to know what is going to the mind of diligence and right now and, perhaps an even more importantly what is going to the mind of bill clinton that his boss, secretary has just been d
intelligence agencies and the u.s. aid the and confused intelligence agencies with the cia with the military. >> the confusion in this instance is the white house with the president pro all the reasons why we've heard of military force could not be sent, we need permission. how was that? the cia denied request. if the president has an inclination not to use force bureaucrats can follow that. that is the direction. not from leon panetta but from the president. that is what people need to go after. >> exactly. the president hangs around in this country with people who hate the military, war and defending america up. he wants to go to jon stewart, las vegas, i get himself flattered with young people while soldiers and ambassadors are killed overseas. he is a despicable man in terms of being commander in chief. lou: thank you. more on the worsening scandal. with the "a team" next. 11 days. polls and polls. what happens if neither candidate may -- -- breaches the number of 270? the top stock. another bombshell from the "rolling stone" interview. is clear he is not content to just regulate but de
showing strength in benghazi before the attack on u.s. consulate. the terrorists held a conference in june, which was attended by the bulk of al qaeda network in libya. that according to a pentagon research report. joining me now fox news national security analyst, kt mcfarland. first, let's deal with if we may, that debate. the president making the straightforward statement, that he declared it to be a terrorist attack the day after benghazi, i have to tell you, the press has been mute on that statement by the president. it is remarkable. >> it is very -- the greatest story of our time, which is that press is see no evil, speak no evil and hear no evil in the cult of obama. the word terror may have left his lips in that rose garden ceremony but it had nothing to do with the benghazi attack, they pun it for two weeks, that was not part of their narrative, 5 days before that attack. the president was at the democratic convention he said, bin laden is dead and al qaeda is back on its heel, yet 5 days later al qaeda attacks american embassies in yemen, egypt. and emergency consulate in libya,
by the rebels judge of the united states where one-fifth of the u.s. economy is down -- generated, of death of the population lives in the theft of car sales, fifth of housing whereas the trend was narrowly focused. it was a tragic event. this is more like a hurricane that hit in 1938 that helped cars out and create that hamptons and east in the long end. certainly possibly this hurricane redefining the coast of new jersey in similar fashion , but over talking about is estimates of $50 billion in economic damages. i would say you can't get a ballpark number on this. about 21 states commensurately d.c. affected. possiblities as the states affected. lou: nowhere near the loss of life as katrina, because people did respond. we have to give the national weather service and hurricane center, all of the neurologists up and down the seaboard great credit because they did alert people to the -- what was coming , unimaginable as it was. >> and it is still happening, so that's why it's really difficult to get, you know, good, decent tally or an estimate. j.p. morgan chase and saying we could see the
whatsoever of a mythic in u.s. military covert or overt presence in benghazi or near benghazi, able to carry out the will of the commander-in-chief should he make the decision. hopefully that is a misapprehension on the public's part. >> my sources tell me that there are, i guess, capabilities in place for special operations teams, as well as drum strikes if the call is made. the other issue here is, in some ways, president obama is darned if he doesn't die but he doesn't. it would be seen as a political move in an election year a month away from the election if he was to take a strike based on intelligence. however, not acting could also have political consequences. it is a tough decision for the white house at this point summaries. >> that is a very talented both view, i think, part of analysts that would say that is a pro-american government. there is nothing refusing to allow fbi agents go there, but those aren't the acts of a friendly government, either that, or it was a delay on the part of a very timid government, namely our own to well, i'm still trying to find out the dynamics there
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 61 (some duplicates have been removed)